Warren Whitlock: Why Bitcoin Won't Surpass Gold

Warren Whitlock: Why Bitcoin Won't Surpass Gold

July 24th, 2019 68
Blockchain influencer Warren Whitlock explains why we need to stop competition between bitcoin and gold. He compares both their properties and describes why bitcoin could be the go to safe haven asset. He also speculates on the changes it would have on the industry and market. For more on Warren Whitlock follow the links here: https://warrenwhitlock.com/, https://coinagenda.com/ and https://coinhash.co/


The rise of corporate stablecoins, the SEC strikes & TZDROP starts trading

Aug 14, 2019 54

Bloxlive TV and Finance Magnates discuss if governments are waging economic battles through corporate stablecoins, the Securities and Exchange Commission suing VERI Token issuers and tZero opening up trading of its security token for retail investors.

Mainstreet Investing In Crypto

Aug 09, 2019 93

Joel Birch Founder of Lunar was in the studio discussing mainstreet investment and how it is applied in the crypto space. He also spoke about investment strategies and how part time investor can save time making trades. He ended the interview by sharing his thoughts on Bitcoin movements and the Alt coin season.

KYC data leak resurfaces, Walmart’s stablecoin & Coinbase in the clear

Aug 08, 2019 80

Bloxlive TV and Finance Magnates discuss the alleged Binance KYC data leak, retail giant Walmart filing a patent for its own fiat-pegged digital currency in the United States and a California court dropping fraud charges in connection with the listing of Bitcoin Cash on Coinbase.

Michael Nye In Awe Of Bitcoin’s Movements

Aug 08, 2019 116

Michael Nye, host of Evolvement Cast tells BloxLive, he is in awe of bitcoin and watches the movement’s in disbelief. Nye went on to discuss geo-politics, including the trade war between China and the US, and whether it is going to impact the price of bitcoin.

Liberland The Blockchain Nation

Aug 05, 2019 162

Daniel Dabeck Founder of Safex and Liberland Ambassador explains how the first Blockchain nation was created and how it will be governed. He outlines what the project hopes to achieve and it will move forward. He also tells us about Safex and its operations.

The Real Pied Piper Coin

Aug 02, 2019 76

The man behind Woke Culture and Pied Piper Coin works in both the political and crypto space. We spoke to the man behind the mask to understand his position on crypto and politics. Woke Culture also explained why he was inspired by the TV sitcom Silicon Valley to create the real Pied Piper Coin. He talks about developments, airdrops and the future of the fan based coin.

BTC Sessions Says Bitcoin Wont Trade Below 4K Again

Aug 01, 2019 23

Ben Perrin, the host of BTC Sessions and head of marketing at Bull Bitcoin, discusses the possibilities of new bitcoin ATHs and the chances the crypto will go to zero. He explains how the recent publicity surrounding President Donald Trump’s tweets, the congressional hearings and Facebook’s Libra project, have pushed bitcoin into the spotlight. Finally, Perrin discusses what needs to happen for mass adoption to take place.

BnkToTheFuture Launches New Initiative

Jul 31, 2019 29

Simon Dixon CEO & Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture.com joined us on the show to discuss the future of finance. He explained what security tokens are and why they are issued. He also announced Bnk To The Futures plans to launch a decentralized exchange.

Will Project Hackstop Save The Day?

Jul 30, 2019 97

Cyber security firm Kralanx, announce their newest initiative, Project Hackstop. The project aims to provide users of crypto exchanges with a recognizable security standard that they can trust. The project is currently in alpha phase and is set to evolve to include additional security measures during beta phase

The Positive Impact Of Blockchain

Jul 30, 2019 94

Gabriel Dusil Co-Founder of Adel explains how his incubator with its ecosystem is developing blockchain based ideas that will have a positive impact on the world. He also discussed how blockchain can handle some of the global issues like displaced people and mass adoption lead by political leaders.

Looking Back At Some of 2019's Biggest Hacks

Jul 26, 2019 91

Founder and CEO of the cyber security firm Kralanx, Jean-Michel Azzopardi takes us through some of the biggest hacks on crypto exchanges in 2019. He discusses the measures that need to be taken to protect against attacks and explains where many exchanges fall short when it comes to security.

Cracking Down On Crypto Cartels

Jul 25, 2019 98

Cryptocurrency educator Brad Laurie breaks down the Crypto Cartel and Crypto Mafia. He explains how crime is changing to target crypto assets and how cryptocurrencies have become a tool used by criminals. He also highlights the corruption in the space and suggest how it can be tackled.

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