Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

July 10th, 2019 23
Kiana Danial, Author of Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies shares some of her tips and life lessons when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency.


Are securitized tokens the future of initial coin offerings?

Jul 18, 2019 6

The cryptocurrency industry has seen a clear lack of regulation and the Wild West peaked during the ICO boom that we saw in 2017. Aaron Kaplan of Prometheum explains what some of the hottest issues are and where the industry is heading next.

Why Bitcoin Trumps Gold

Jul 17, 2019 28

YouTuber and host of Data Dash, Nicholas Merten provides a technical analysis of why and how bitcoin is the new gold; and discusses how bitcoin can be used to hedge against a looming financial crisis. Merten also speaks of the challenges he faced when growing his crypto youtube channel, offering tips and tricks for those looking to do the same.

Trump bashes crypto, BitPoint hacked & exchange applications surge in Japan

Jul 16, 2019 22

Bloxlive TV and Finance Magnates discuss Trump finally revealing his opinion on cryptocurrencies and Facebook’s Libra project, the BitPoint exchange hack and more than 100 crypto exchanges seeking licenses from Japan’s FSA

Binance expands, ShapeShift launch a new platform and Bitmarket shuts down

Jul 12, 2019 36

Bloxlive TV and Finance Magnates discuss Binance launching a fiat-cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore, ShapeShift launching a non-custodial crypto management platform operating across multiple blockchains and the Bitmark exchange closing its operations.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority makes moves & KuCoin to launch OTC desk

Jul 05, 2019 155

Bloxlive TV and Finance Magnates take discuss some of the most recent moves by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and KuCoin launching an over-the-counter trading desk.

David Gokhshtein Says It’s Time To Forget Nouriel Roubini

Jul 05, 2019 217

Entrepreneur and social media influencer, David Gokhshtein gives his opinion on the most recent market moves, predicting a bitcoin ATH by the end of this year. He says XRP will be a dominant player and explains why believes bitcoin will replace gold. Gokhshtein, also comments on the Arthur Hayes and Nouriel Roubini debate, asking why the crypto community keeps inviting Roubini back.

Will XRP’s Utility Drive the Price?

Jul 03, 2019 1083

Software Developer and XRP supporter Matt Hamilton explains the utility of Ripple’s XRP and outlines some of the uses cases. From Xcurrent to Xrapid, Matt takes us through how they are being implemented across the globe. He also takes an interesting approach when comparing XRP to Bitcoin, focusing on how much the currency has gained or declined rather than the price itself.

Facebook Libra Coin Analysed

Jul 01, 2019 90

Assistant manager, Paul Caruana Turner at Grant Thornton Malta, outlines the reasons he believes Facebook’s Libra coin is not a traditional cryptocurrency. Despite this, he is positive when discussing the impact Libra will have on the crypto space as a whole. After reading the whitepaper, Paul highlights the issues with the project, including its inability to appeal to a specific market. Finally, he predicts how successful the coin will be.

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